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CODEFEST is the first Festival in the world dedicated to the Source Code. For the first time in the spotlight is not only the latest robot or the latest social phenomenon born on the Internet, but what is underneath and that makes them work. The Festival is aimed at students, teachers, scholars, developers and entrepreneurs, hackers, musicians, artists, but also to the general public, to enthusiasts and curious, in short, to anyone who wants to go beyond the curtain.
CODEFEST is the festival of the culture of the source code, of its history, of its future. Not only computers, but people, languages, poetry, writing, heritage, genre, society.

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The Festival is organized by the University of Turin (Lead Department: Philosophy and Educational Sciences, with the collaboration of the Departments of Physics and Computer Science) together with the Association (

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Ultime news

Perché un festival del Codice Sorgente, dopo tanti festival del "digitale"?

A chi è rivolto? Chi l'ha organizzato e perché?
Quali sono gli eventi a cui si può partecipare o assistere?

Ne hanno parlato Enrico Pasini,  Vincenzo Crupi, Felice Cardone, Stefano Penge, Nicolao Fornengo, Rodolfo Marchisio, Andrea Valle. 

Per chi non ha potuto assistere alla diretta, è disponibile la registrazione dell'evento di Presentazione:


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CODEFEST will run from September, 27th to October, 7th 2021.

For further info, please check the official website